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Royal Derwent & Willow Court Tasmania


Then and Now Pics

Frescati is an old white wooden cottage in the grounds of Willow Court. Willow Court is an abandoned mental asylum which was once the largest in the southern hempishere.
Frescati was built by Colonial Secretary J. Bennett in 1843. Dr Meyer brought Frescati after Bennett and surprisingly the house and all it affects was put on the market 6 months later. (Records in St Matthews Church New Norfolk read that three of his sons died within a few days of one another) I'm not sure how his sons died or whether they actually died in the house?

There are a few stories that have been told about Frescati that I have heard over the years. One is apparently a man and a women hung themselves inside the building. Another story is that there is a male hating ghost inside that throws men around. 
Apparently a cleaner once went into Frescati and he was found hours later with blood all over the walls stating that he was thrown around by something he couldn't see.
Another Person believes they have seen the ghost looking back at them through a broken window. I have also heard reports that people can feel a pulse or vibe coming from the building when they touch it.
Frescati has a concrete cell in the basement and a tunnel.

If you would like to read more about Royal Derwent / Willow court please go to my Livejournal site.


Then (1950's)

Check out my Video, it shows parts of frescati and also other Wards at Royal Derwent/Willow Court:

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