Colleen Jo (collpepper) wrote in then_now,
Colleen Jo

I hope this counts....

March 5, 2006

If it doesn't....please delete....

March 5, 2006

April 3, 2007

Lone tree, outside Chrome, CA....

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sorry, i don't really understand, what happend with the mountaine that is sutuated behind the one with the tree? where it was on the pic of march 5, 2006? :)
Fog....the photos were taken during different kinds of weather. I thought it was interesting how different it looked in sunny weather. I probably wouldn't have even seen the tree had there not been fog. Does that help? :-)
yes! that's it!
now i see that it's a kind of trick of nature=)) it looks like the mountain have never existed!!
very beautifull!=)
It's also taken at a different angle. The gate in the middle of the 2006 photo is at the far left in the 2007 photo.
yes, i got this, tnx!
but i thought that it's impossible just to change the angle and get absolutely different kind of landscape on the pic=))

Where did the cows go?! =:o

I don't know...:-( I miss them. I'm thinking they have thousands of acres to roam, so they found a new spot... :-)